On Monday there were eight of us, and we had a good time. Lots of laughing. We practiced the debate game, then another game, and then a new game (R) came up with. One person is a featured speaker who is lecturing on a topic they DON'T KNOW!! We all know, and ask questions that give little hints to the speaker. -R

Tuesday the political discussion began with talk about the supreme court's decision making process and consequences to our democracy, and ended with talking about living among people who see you as different. 

Since as a person with a disability or medical condition we all are seen as different, we will probably continue that topic at a Conversation Cafe in the future.

Conversation Cafe's topic was 'food'. We shared what foods we had eaten, loved and hated, as kids. Through the discussion we realized that having a disability or health condition changes the foods we can -or are supposed - to eat, and changes our way of relating to food. Interesting, right? Newsletter topic to come!

Wednesday Work Group we focused on our website. The trials and tribulations related to the creation of the website are too much to even write about. I will say again (and again and again) JC is doing a phenomenal job of keeping her cool as she deals with all of this. Really good job, Jc. You are amazing. 

At this point we will have support groups for Parents of individuals who have disabilities, Parenting while disabled, and Death and dying. We will have single session discussions on Sharing Vegan recipes, Communication and Inter-relational issues that arise for vegans, Knitting, and Dog Training. If you would like to lead a session on anything from Art to tatoos, tv shows to hobbies, collections, mental health, chess.....on anything at all, then let us know! These sessions will be announced for people around America to attend as well.

We are also beginning sessions only available to I.c. participants called Supporting One Another. These will be half hour blocks of time (Fridays 10:00 to 10:30 or 12:30 to 1:00 according to the individual's needs) where the focus will be on one individual. The person can spend the time however they want, and we are there to listen and support. the person might catch us up on what they've been up to, or they might talk about difficulties they're having and ask for advice.

Sound like something you'd like to do? We love this new idea and are excited about participating in it!

Friday is game time, with a new name that just might stick -Make me Laugh! 

We began the session by setting up a new system to help people who speak more slowly to have their full turn without feeling rushed or that they're slowing others down. It was a beautiful conversation with everyone, as always, very positive about being truly inclusive.

We then got into the true meaning of the sessions and began the silliness. We laughed until we had to catch our breath while listening to Wrong Family Feud Answers. 

Along the way, between the joking, we learned about 'owe me coke' and 'smoke going up the chimney' and 'dinger' and...ok, I've already forgotten. Something about 'Going round the mountain'?! Next time I'll take notes! In any case, clearly, we learn pretty weird things at I.c. Never a dull moment!

Stay safe everyone!



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