The saying  goes "use it or lose it" but in my case it is "use it AND lose it."  I had decided that my lovely inherited chinaware should not just hide in a display cupboard, but be used daily. That way I am more in touch with my ancestral pieces on a daily basis. I neglected to remember how often I drop things due to the arthritis in my hands so was truly bummed when I lost my great grandfather's serving dish last month as it crashed to the floor.      I knew something had to be done before I lost more precious pieces. I decided to don my arthritis gloves for washing dishes, no matter how creepy it felt to have wet cloth against my hands. I am glad I did.      These tight-fitting gloves, made by Viva, have, in other instances, stabalized my grip somewhat and just provide a general feeling of comfort during other chores.  I did have to grow accustomed to the feeling of constant wetness (which was odd since that is what we all experience during dishwashing.)
 On Monday there were eight of us, and we had a good time. Lots of laughing. We practiced the debate game, then another game, and then a new game (R) came up with. One person is a featured speaker who is lecturing on a topic they DON'T KNOW!! We all know, and ask questions that give little hints to the speaker. -R Tuesday the political discussion began with talk about the supreme court's decision making process and consequences to our democracy, and ended with talking about living among people who see you as different.  Since as a person with a disability or medical condition we all are seen as different, we will probably continue that topic at a Conversation Cafe in the future. Conversation Cafe's topic was 'food'. We shared what foods we had eaten, loved and hated, as kids. Through the discussion we realized that having a disability or health condition changes the foods we can -or are supposed - to eat, and changes our way of relating to food. Interesting, right?