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  The saying  goes "use it or lose it" but in my case it is "use it AND lose it."  I had decided that my lovely inherited chinaware should not just hide in a display cupboard, but be used daily. That way I am more in touch with my ancestral pieces on a daily basis. I neglected to remember how often I drop things due to the arthritis in my hands so was truly bummed when I lost my great grandfather's serving dish last month as it crashed to the floor.      I knew something had to be done before I lost more precious pieces. I decided to don my arthritis gloves for washing dishes, no matter how creepy it felt to have wet cloth against my hands. I am glad I did.      These tight-fitting gloves, made by Viva, have, in other instances, stabalized my grip somewhat and just provide a general feeling of comfort during other chores.  I did have to grow accustomed to the feeling of constant wetness (which was odd since that is what we all experience during dishwashing.)